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Ctd Housing Inc. | Oakland, California

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Supportive Housing In Oakland, California

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"...together we connect the dots of life..."



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 We have receive your registration for CTD Housing Inc. Please check your email. One of our board members will contact you as soon as possible. Stay Tuned! | If you have any further questions give us a call at (510) 751-2027.​

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CTD Housing's Housing program is designed to provide affordable and safe housing to at-risk individuals, particularly veterans, the elderly, and ex-incarcerated men and women. Our program aims to reduce homelessness and improve the quality of life in Oakland, California, by developing multi-independent living facilities and strengthening neighborhoods through housing rehabilitation, homeownership, and new multifamily housing. We are committed to ensuring that all our residents feel safe and secure in their homes and have access to the resources and support they need to become self-sufficient and independent members of the community.

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CTD Housing offers a comprehensive Mental Health Treatment program that aims to address the mental health needs of our clients. Our program is designed to provide a safe, supportive environment for individuals who are struggling with mental health challenges. We offer a range of services, including counseling, therapy, medication management, and group sessions, to help our clients manage their symptoms, develop coping skills, and improve their overall well-being. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have access to the resources and support they need to achieve their mental health goals and lead fulfilling lives.

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CTD Housing offers a Recovery Treatment program designed to help individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. The program combines a safe, supportive living environment with evidence-based practices and therapies to support individuals on their path to recovery. Our team of trained professionals provides individualized treatment plans to meet each resident's specific needs and support them in achieving long-term sobriety. We believe in the power of community and provide a supportive environment to foster healthy relationships and social connections to help our residents thrive in their recovery journey.

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CTD Housing's employment program provides resources and tools to help individuals in our community find employment and achieve self-sufficiency. Our program offers career development services such as job readiness training, resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance. We work with local employers to identify job opportunities and connect our clients with available positions. Our goal is to empower individuals to secure stable employment, increase their earning potential, and improve their quality of life.

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CTD Housing's Community Participation program aims to encourage tenants to become active members of the community by providing them with opportunities to participate in local events, volunteer activities, and other community-focused initiatives. By engaging in these activities, tenants can build relationships with their neighbors and contribute to the betterment of their local community. CTD Housing believes that community participation is a critical component of achieving long-term success and self-sufficiency for its tenants, and is committed to providing the necessary resources and support to help them achieve their goals.

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The CTD Housing program recognizes the importance of family support in maintaining stable and independent living. Therefore, we offer various family support services to our residents, such as parenting classes, child care referrals, and family counseling. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes healthy family relationships, improves communication skills, and enhances overall well-being. We believe that by strengthening family bonds, we can contribute to the success and happiness of our residents, which in turn benefits the community as a whole.

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If you are interested in getting involved with CTD Housing Inc, there are many ways to do so, including making a donation, partnering with us, or volunteering your time and skills. We welcome individuals, groups, and organizations who share our mission and values to join us in our efforts to reduce homelessness and improve the quality of life in our community.


Donating to CTD Housing Inc is a meaningful way to support the organization's efforts to reduce homelessness and improve the lives of vulnerable individuals and families. Your donation will go directly towards providing affordable housing, mental health treatment, recovery treatment, employment support, and community participation programs.


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If you are interested in partnering with CTD Housing Inc, please give us a direct call at the phone number below to discuss potential opportunities. We are always open to collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations like you to further your mission of reducing homelessness and improving the quality of life in your community.

📲 (510) 751-2027

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CTD Housing Inc welcomes volunteers who are passionate about making a positive impact in their community. As a volunteer, you can assist in various areas such as fundraising, events planning, or even providing support to clients. Get in touch with us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.


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